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Brian Windhorst on Tristan Thompson: Dispute could last months

Brian Windhorst goes on the Lowe post

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking to Zach Lowe on Grantland's "The Lowe Post", ESPN basketball writer Brian Windhorst weighed in on a number of issues pertaining to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and it generally wasn't very much fun. Speaking, and at times admittedly speculating, Windhorst said that the talks between the Cavs and Thompson's camp could stretch on into the foreseeable future.

The problem with the situation for the Cavs and Thompson at this point is that the common ground between the two has been obvious for some time, but they haven't gotten there. That's an indication that perhaps they aren't all that close. Compounding that is the fact that with the qualifying offer off the table, there is no compromise position to resolve this for a bit until next summer. It's all or nothing. Thompson isn't under contract, so you can't trade him.

The best chance at compromise at this point might be LeBron's pressure or Thompson's unwillingness to keep sitting out.

Windhorst also had thoughts about Timofey Mozgov as he comes back from injury. Give the whole thing a listen, I'm still working through it.