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Ohio governor John Kasich says the Cavs should sign Allen Iverson

Does John Kasich know Allen Iverson is retired?

Ty Wright/Getty Images

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is in the midst of campaigning for president - he's seventh in the latest Republican poll - so naturally TMZ Sports decided to ask Kasich about the Cleveland Cavaliers.

First, the cameraman asked Kasich if LeBron James was the savior of Ohio. Kasich was responded that LeBron was 'right up there' with Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer. The cameraman then noted that Ohio is a state of second chances before asking about Allen Iverson. Here's a transcript of the conversation:

Cameraman: Will Allen Iverson be given that chance and hope he does well in Cleveland?

Kasich: Who?

Cameraman: Allen Iverson.

Kasich: That's been a rumor. I'd love to have Iverson back in Cleveland. Are they talking about it?

Cameraman: They're talking about it, ya.

Kasich: Wow, A.I. I'm for it.

Iverson hasn't played in the NBA since 2010 and officially retired in 2013. Sorry, John.