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LeBron and the Cavaliers go all out for halloween

From LeBron James to Kevin Love to J.R. Smith, the Cavs had one helluva Halloween costume party.

Halloween was yesterday, and like most people in the United States, the Cleveland Cavaliers celebrated with a costume party of their own. And what a party it was. It had everything; from a impromptu Prince concert to J.R. Smith basically winning the internet (which seems to happen a lot). In case you missed it, let's recap the night that was.

Game. Blouses.

No player on the Cavs seemed to be more dedicated to their costume than LeBron James, who pulled out all the stops on his Prince outfit. He had the purple suit, the guitar, the jheri curls, the glasses and the mustache (which explains why he's been sporting that "thing" over the first couple of games).

There's no doubting the amount of effort that went into this outfit, but that was only half of what made his Prince impression as amazing as it was. Instead of just looking like Prince, James one-upped everyone by getting on the mic and performing "Purple Rain." To say the least, it was glorious.

Prince live in concert

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If only he had served pancakes.

Love Me Sexy

When Kevin Love came into training camp this year, questions began to arise about what was up with his hair. Is it stylish? Did he forget to call his barber while rehabbing? Was all of his rehabbing spent in the wilderness? No one seemed to have answers.

Until yesterday.

"Better than the real thing" Jackie Moon

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He didn't flash any post moves to fully effect perfect the Jackie Moon character, but he did put on a few dance moves while James was in full "Prince Mode" and it couldn't have been any better.

He got some back up dancers

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No rumor if there was free corn dogs at the party.

Poppin' (Baby) Bottles

It's pretty easy to say that James won the night with his effort and performance. It would be nearly impossible for anyone to beat what he did last ni--

Wait a minute. Is that --


Never change, J.R.

The Rest of the Gang

Iman Shumpert definitely took the title of "Most Terrifying Outfit" dressing in drag and going as a Lollipop to Teyana Taylor's (his girlfriend) Pinky the pimp from Friday After Next. A sight for sore eyes.

Kyrie Irving went as a Jedi, which I'm not sure is a costume for him considering it looks like he has the force with him when he's dribbling the ball or finishing around the rim. Let's hope he can use some sort of Jedi mind trick to get his knee healthy.

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- Jared Cunningham was a minion. I don't really have much to say about that.

It looks like this team is having fun with each other.