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J.R. Smith will return to action with Utah Jazz in town

The Cavs get their starting shooting guard back

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

After missing three games due to a right knee bruise and quadriceps tendinitis, Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard J.R. Smith will return to action on Tuesday night with the Utah Jazz in town. The Jazz have one of, if not the best, interior defensive combos in the league with Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert, so the Cavs will need all the outside shooting they can get.

In an extremely small sample, Smith has struggled to find any rhythm after a great run with the Cavs last season ended with a dud of a Finals performance. After finding tepid interest in the free agent market, Smith returned on what was thought to be a bargain deal. He's a bit of an x-factor for the Cavs. When he dribbles and tries to create for himself offensively the results can be ugly. When he allows teammates to set him up, he's an extremely valuable role player. We will see what we get tonight.

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