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Cavs 118, Jazz 114 Courtside Tweets: LeBron James quiets all that Jazz.

Frankly, the Cavs were ready to face the music.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Part of playing basketball against the Utah Jazz is understanding the many conundrums that come with it. First, Kenny G is ridiculously successful and that just doesn't make sense. Also they are named the Jazz but I'm like 85% sure the folks in Utah just listen to the sounds of the wind. THAT'S NOT BAD EITHER. I remember the "Colors of the Wind" song from that Disney movie it was totally dope and made me want to use all of the water color paints available to me in 2nd grade art class.

Somewhere there is a water color picture of late Law and Order legend Jerry Orbach that is like 44 percent more colorful because of that song.

Also, the Cavs won.

NBA Highlights, or whatever

Words on the Cavs

Marcelo Huertas and the no good very bad plays

Lakers guard Marcelo Huertas had himself a night he'd probably like to forget.

Sure Huertas ended up somewhere damn near Narnia but it's not all bad

Ok, well. It was all bad for him.

Goran Dragic and Kelly Olynyk were happy to join the embarrassment though

Oh Kelly.

Tis' better to be Otto Porter than good, they say

Dion Waiters Island, population: Growing

It started with a whisper

It ended with a beating

It continued the movement.



They say girls don't like bloggers or puns..... ok I'll be honest THEY don't say that my mom says that but it's fine it's totally fine what does she know you know whatever.

So basically after his missed two free throws late, I uncorked this bit of pure genius. Naturally everyone LOST THEIR MINDS in applause

It's a tragedy in this day and age that true beauty is appreciated but there were some well cultured folks that did.

Others even got in on the act!

Checking in on the Wizards

This is our semi weekly reminder that I told Carter, Chris, and Justin that the Pistons would be better than Washington on MULTIPLE podcasts and they all laughed at me.

I could be wrong (it happens 3% of the time, so we have to account for the possibility), but for now we'll enjoy the ride.

So yeah. It was a pretty good time, ya know

Unless you get really sad about TV shows

Or you're the not so proud owner of this stuff