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Kyrie returns to the small screen: Uncle Drew is back to the streets after two year absence

Who did Uncle Drew tag along with this time?

After a two-year wait, Uncle Drew is back, and he's got a new challenge on his hands.

This morning, Pepsi released the fourth installment of the Uncle Drew series starring Cleveland Cavaliers' point guard Kyrie Irving. In the the first three parts of this series, Drew takes his talents to the streets to challenge younger players, "youngbloods" as he calls them, and schooling them along the way in games of 5-of-5. Sometimes he was by himself, sometimes he brought some friends, including Wes (played by actual teammate Kevin Love) in the second part and Lights (played by Nate Robinson) and Betty Lou (played by Maya Moore) in the third.

In this newly released episode, we see Drew training in the streets of Miami, getting ready for a new task that possible lies ahead of him. After seeing a few old friends (played by JB Smooth and Baron Davis), Drew is informed that "Skinny" Walt (played by Ray Allen) is in town and talking trash about Drew. Drew decides to head up to the courts to confront Walt, leading to an entertaining game of H-O-R-S-E.

Because Irving would have been still recovering while filming this, Pepsi made a brilliant decision to combat for that while still being able to bring us the episode. When Drew originally meets Walt, Walt asks him if he can run, with Drew replying "nah."

After the game, Drew appears to give us a teaser for another episode in the future, telling Walt "I gotta go see Big Man." With three-fifths of his past lineup set, who could "Big Man" be? Until then, we can only speculate.