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Fear the Podcast: Week One Recap

FTS looks back at the first week of the Cavs season.

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Good news for anybody that enjoys hearing my voice as much as I do.

We will be coming out with a lot more podcasts this season and will be doing weekly recap editions of the podcast. We'll be bringing analysis from each of the past weeks games and touch on the story-lines surrounding both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the teams that they play.

This week we talk about the games against the Chicago Bulls, Memphis Grizzlies and Miami Heat, the new-look Cavs offense, how we feel Kyrie Irving will fit in once he's back and look ahead on the schedule for the coming week.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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If there's something you like or would like to hear from the podcast, be sure to let us know as we are always looking to improve and to hear what's working. We really do appreciate everybody that listens and want to make sure we're giving people what they want.