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Game focus: LeBron James gets the Cavaliers huddling during player introductions

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The New York Post took a look at how LeBron James' leadership is developing and got LBJ to explain some of his thought process to his latest strategy.

Asides from sloppy passing, James also aimed to put a stop to the team's pregame introductions — or at least the high-fives and frivolity that go along with it. Now the Cavaliers simply huddle when the starting lineup is announced, getting in some last bits of strategy talk.

"It's just about being focused and preparing for the game," James told "It's something we did in Miami at certain points. It's about playing the game the right way and your approach. Staying locked in and being ready to go."

James asked teammates about the idea last week, and it's gone over well.

This is the real life equivalent of rapidly hitting X to skip through video game intros. When you're focused on winning you don't care about the frivolity surrounding victory.