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LeBron James sent Draymond Green over $2500 worth of wine after losing bet on football game

Last month LeBron James and Draymond Green made a wager of two cases of wine for the winner of the Ohio State/Michigan State football game. The Spartans pulled out the win in late November, and LeBron ponied up for his wager.

From Diamond Leung of Bay Area News over the weekend:

That man LeBron, that's a good man right there," Green said, smiling. "A good man. He knows a young guy like me can't afford it yet, so he took care of me. That's what's up. LeBron's a man of his word."

This wasn't Beringer, Two Buck Chuck or Boone's Farm that LeBron sent. The 2010 Silver Oak Cabernet retails for $110 a bottle.