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Kyrie Irving tweets he won't return for Oklahoma City, still no timetable for his return

Despite earlier reports, Kyrie Irving set the record straight that he won't be making his debut this Thursday against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Late last night, ESPN's Dave McMeninim reported that Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving would be making his season debut this Thursday against the Oklahoma City Thunder. With the announcement, the excitement levels for Cavs' fans were high, as this would have been Irving's first game since fracturing his knee in Game 1 of the NBA Finals last June.

Well, apparently all that was too good to be true, as Irving himself shot down the report that he would be making his return tomorrow.

There hasn't been any sort of timetable for Irving since his surgery in early June, but we're just over six months since that surgery. It makes plenty of sense for the Cavs not to rush him back, as the goal of this team heading into the playoffs (which are a mere four months away), and will be a determent ofnwhether this team can not only make the Finals, but win it.

The speculation of when Irving will officially return is now re-opening after this news, and after reports that Irving has been ready to play for the past week, it could be any time soon.