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Kyrie Irving: "I'm back", announces return from injury

We mean it this time

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving has pronounced himself healthy and ready to return to action for Sunday's game with the Philadelphia 76ers after today's practice. Irving missed the final three games of the NBA Finals and the first 24 games of the 2015-16 season to a fractured left knee cap. It's left him unable, to this point, to build on what was a bit of a breakout season for the guard last season when he was an All-NBA selection.

Irving has been practicing with the team for some time now, so you would think the adjustment period coming back wouldn't be too difficult. It's likely that he may sit one end of back-to-backs, and he might be on a minutes restriction early on. He will be able to start his season against the reeling 76ers, a team that has a chance to push for futility records. After that, it's the thoroughly average New York Knicks and a road swing out west that starts with the Golden State Warriors on Christmas.

Irving's return has the potential to be game-changing for the Cavs, who blitzed the league with Irving, LeBron James, and Kevin Love healthy last season. With Matthew Dellavedova and Tristan Thompson appearing to take small steps forward, there is reason for optimism. There is also evidence that Irving's return can reduce pressure on LeBron James to carry the team, at least offensively. It's also just worth mentioning that Irving is incredibly good and fun and since this is all entertainment anyway,