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Cleveland Cavaliers lose to the Miami Heat 99-84

With LeBron, the Cavs lost to the Heat. It sucked.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers were without LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert. It felt like they were without Kevin Love and basically every other member of the roster.

In some ways, it was a schedule loss. Coming off a late night game in New Orleans that went to overtime. In other ways the Cavs mailed it in. I am also mailing this in because spending time trying to bring analysis about this game would be hilariously pointless. Kevin Love was weirdly passive and couldn't get much to fall. Nobody really provided a breath of fresh air, it sucked.

This is one of those games that forces someone to cleanse themselves to shake the stench that was emitting from their televisions. Your eyes probably hurt as bad as mine do right now. So here's a few things to cleanse your pallet.

Here's a porcupine eating a pumpkin. Try remaining upset after watching this:

That didn't do it for you? Here's some affirmation for those craving it:

Now for some poetry:

I'm not really one for hot takes. The Cavaliers have the same record after 20 games as they had last season, 13-7. Kyrie is participating in full contact practices and should return soon. He'll no doubt be on a mission to make up for lost time and get himself into the All Star conversation, so hopefully that breathes some life into a team that appears to need some motivation. Tonight was one game out of 82, things happen. That's my analysis.