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Eastern conference power rankings: Young Jeezy edition

Looking at the Eastern Conference through the lens of Jeezy songs.

I don't know about you guys, but I love listening to a lot music. I like rap music. I like 80s music. I like rock music. I like R&B music. Outside of country music (sorry), I can listen to any sort of music, depending on the mood I'm currently in or what I'm trying to accomplish at the moment.

Right now I'm in the midst of finals week, which is also known as the most stressful week of the year, which also means I need motivation to try to either salvage a bad previous 15 weeks, or trying to maintain a good previous 15 weeks. Because my athletic career is over, I treat my exams more like the NBA Finals than just regular school finals, which means there will be plenty of DMX blasting through my headphones to get me ready to do.

Another artist that will be on my playlist over the next three days? Jeezy, who happens to be great at motivating people. In fact, he has two albums with the word "motivation" in it.

In the Eastern Conference, a few teams need some motivation going forward as we move past the quarter mark of the NBA season. The Cleveland Cavaliers have merely coasted through most of their games; the Atlanta Hawks haven't been able to build off of last year's 60-win season; the Washington Wizards have stunk this year.

As those teams look for motivation over the next few weeks, let's check on each team's current mood with a Jeezy song to match.

Welcome to this week's Eastern Conference power rankings.

15. Philadelphia 76ers (1-21)

Somewhat similar to Jeezy, Sam Hinkie has been way too gone, except he's been drunk on second round picks and young fringe players (also known as "The Process"). Similar to Jeezy, he could do that all night, which is why the Sixers have brought in United States basketball guru Jerry Colangelo to watch over him.

14. Brooklyn Nets (6-15)

It is said that Jay-Z lost 93 bricks and got them all back. Billy King has last (roughly) that many draft picks and has failed to get any of them back. The Nets are really bad and don't have a draft pick this year. They certainly have us praying for their lost souls.

13. Milwaukee Bucks (9-13)

The Bucks came into this year with plenty of hype. 22 games in and that hype has slowly dying. There's certainly been some rainy days so far in Milwaukee.

12. Washington Wizards (9-10)

There are folks out there that actually believe that John Wall is a better point guard than Kyrie Irving. Well, with the way Wall has played this year.. what were y'all talking bout?

11. New York Knicks (10-12)

"If young is what they want, then young is what they gettin'."

For the Knicks, young has come in the form of 20-year-old rookie Kristaps Porzingis, who has taken the league and blogosphere by storm.

10. Orlando Magic (12-9)

Are the Magic still in rebuilding mode? That was the case before the season began, yet here we are and Orlando is only two games our of first place.

Even with their current record, I'd still say they are building for next year and the years to follow. At this point, a win is certainly a win for the Magic.

9. Detroit Pistons (12-10)

Andre Drummond has been on some other stuff this year, putting up some outrageous rebounding numbers this year. Drummond has put on for the city of Detroit and has carried them to a surprising start to the season.

8. Boston Celtics (12-9)

Boston is 100 percent "dreeaaaaaaaamin" that their unprotected pick from the Nets turns into LSU's Ben Simmons or that they can flip their boatload of picks into a superstar like Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins.

7. Atlanta Hawks (13-9)

Sorry Hawks; fans; you'll never be the same team as last year.

6. Toronto Raptors (13-9)

... well almost. Not once, but twice did the Raptors have what it took to knock of the Golden State Warriors. Although almost only counts in horseshoes and had grenades, the Raptors have given the Warriors two of their three toughest games so far this season.

5. Charlotte Hornets (12-8)

"Oh, by the way, the Hornets have the fifth-best record in the East" is a phrase I would totally expect someone to end a conversation about the Hornets with.

4. Chicago Bulls (11-7)

I, for one, have no idea what to make of this Bulls team so far. They've beaten the Cavs, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder, yet they've also been blown out by the Hornets and lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Maybe we'll find out their true identity sooner or later.

3. Miami Heat (12-7)

Pat Riley is the best hustler the NBA has right now. Somehow, some way, he gets things done. This year has been an example of that hustle. In fact, he probably wouldn't deny it if you were to ask him about that ambition.

2. Indiana Pacers (12-8)

Whether we were listening or not, Paul George told us he and the Pacers were coming back. So far George has been the best player not named Stephen Curry and the Pacers have been the second-best team in the Eastern Conference through a fourth of the season.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (14-7)

Last time I checked, LeBron James was still the man of these Eastern Conference streets.