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Kevin Love and LeBron James play down Twitter incident

Nothing to see here folks, keep moving.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavaliers are rolling, so it seems weird that controversy continues to follow the team. This weekend LeBron James subtweeted Kevin Love, or maybe didn't, and then Kevin Love played awesome against the Lakers, and then the media told him that LeBron James had subtweeted him, which he hadn't known about.

Everyone had a field day with this, and maybe they were right to. It's a pretty bad look. Today, the Cavs did their best, I guess, to try and quell the furor and move on. From Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal:

"I’m not sugarcoating or hiding behind it," James said. "I gotta seem him every day, so if I have something to say to him, I’ll say it to his face. The rest of the guys, too. … I would hope they would come to me as well."

Love was asked directly if he felt James’ tweet was attributed to him and his October comments.

"I don’t know. I truly feel if LeBron had a problem with me or had to talk to me for good or worse, he would’ve come up and talked to me," Love said. "I truly believe that."

Love also said of his relationship with James that there is "no problem with us".

I suppose this will just be another forgotten controversy of the week. Right?