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Cavs vs. Heat fantasy basketball notes and tournament info

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The Cavaliers are at home against the Miami Heat tonight after a couple days off. If the Cavs being on national television and playing LeBron James' former team isn't enough, you might be thinking tonight's game would be more fun with some fantasy sports. And you'd probably be right.

FanDuel offers members the chance to compete with thousands of other managers in salary-cap fantasy basketball tournaments every night of the NBA season. Members can play in both free and paid entry tournaments, with paid contests offering immediate cash prizes for thousands of winners every night. It's another fun reason to follow the league as a whole.

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Cavs vs. Heat Fantasy tips

Hassan Whiteside has been all the rage in the NBA, and the fantasy sports world has been no different. As of late, though, his price in FanDuel salary cap leagues has been going up. He might still be worth it, but I might go with Mozgov or another center instead. For now, Whiteside looks like a real steal for the Heat. He may not be a steal for your FanDuel team.

Chris Bosh is kind of up and down. He's a phenomenal player, but he always seems to struggle when I put him in my lineup. I don't know, I'm sure he will respond to my lack of faith with a huge performance.

It's fair to assume that both Kevin Love and LeBron James will do well with a few days off. Kevin Love's numbers with rest have been pretty good, and he's coming off a 32 point performance. Still, LeBron and Mozgov are probably the only two Cavs I'd really look at. Mozgov is pretty cheap, and James is really consistent. Have fun, and let us know how you do.