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Final Score: Cavaliers fall to Pacers 103-99 and the winning steak ends at 12

It was fun while it lasted, winning streak.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's probably my fault. No, it's definitely my fault.

I never write game previews. Really I don't. I'm never available at the times we need them submitted by. Today was different. Justin had something come up, and while I can't really talk or breathe, I can type. I picked the Cavs to win, which I should have known would be their downfall.

If it wasn't me, it might have been the George Hill 4 point play, a one handed, one foot toss that was a good sign that everything was going to go right for Indiana. Every time Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, or JR Smith hit a big shot in the 4th, there was Hill or CJ Miles hitting something ridiculous. Then at some point LeBron got hurt. He limped off with an ankle injury, but I can't tell where or when it occurred. He also tweaked his wrist on a flagrant foul from Roy Hibbert. Fun!

The Cavs were on a back to back, but they didn't really play the 4th quarter last night, so it was a bit surprising to see the Pacers wear them down tonight after building up a big lead, but those are the breaks sometimes. They were led by Kyrie Irving (29, 4, 5) and LeBron James (25, 6, 5) though LeBron did have 7 turnovers. The Pacers got the CJ Miles game --26 from him -- as well as 20 points and 13 rebounds from David West and 20 points from George Hill.


- David Blatt does some lineup things I really like. Then, he'll do some things I can't understand. Example: LeBron sits down early, and Kyrie, Shump, JR, Love, and Moz are on the floor. That works well, and tonight was no different. Then, he has a lineup with Delly, Marion, LeBron, Thompson, and Moz that I don't understand. It's ok in small spurts but in long stretches it just becomes LeBron going ISO as the other guys can't really do much. That leads in to the next one.

- The Cavs really need a third player that can initiate some offense. Part of LBJ sitting early is that either he or Irving have to be on the floor at all times, because they don't have a backup point guard on the roster. I've kind of scoffed at the Mo Williams desires, but man, having a second threat to handle the ball in some of those lineups with Kyrie off the floor would be nice. Shumpert is not that guy. Maybe J.R. Smith is, and moving Shump in to the starting lineup would let LBJ sit, and then come back on while JR stays on too. I dunno. Something's probably gotta give there. That said, they traded for JR and Shump and Matthew Dellavedova played all of one close fourth quarter and half of tonight's until Blatt was forced to sit him, so who knows.

(No, I'm not blaming this loss on Dellavedova. Yes, I understand that won't stop some of you from finding me on twitter or in the comments to tell me I suck)

- Kevin Love is hurt. He moves like hie's hurt, and his shooting numbers are so much better on 2+ days rest as opposed to a back to back or 1 days rest that it isn't funny. Hopefully the All-Star break helps him out. Maybe they can sit him against L.A. on Sunday. Who knows.

The Cavs will have a nice bounce back game against the Lakers Sunday afternoon, and a chance to get a loss to a division rival off their minds. We'll see you then.