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Happy Points: A new system for enjoying the Cavs

Learn how with this revolutionary new system.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

For every LeBron James dunk in traffic, take a Happy Point. For every Kyrie Irving ankle breaking, yo-yo dribble move, take a Happy Point. For every Kevin Love outlet pass. Every J.R. Smith three.

For Every Timofey Mozgov shot block. Every Tristan Thompson switch onto a guard followed by a stop. Every Iman Shumpert steal.

Take a Happy Point.

Every LeBron assist. Happy Point.

For every David Blatt hilariously condescending interview response, take a Happy Point.

Every double digit win. Happy Point.

Every Mike Miller broadly smiling and cheering on the bench despite never playing. Every James Jones playing power forward and the Cavs going on a run. That's worth two Happy Points.

For every goofy team photo, take a Happy Point.

Every win streak. Every hustle play. Every moment of transcendent basketball bliss.

Happy Point. Happy Point. Happy Point.

Add them up. Divide by ten. Subtract your worries. Subtract your doubts. Subtract the rumors floating around the Internet that are merely guesswork.

See what you have left.

Happy Points. A surplus of Happy Points.

And for every Happy Point you have left, smile. Smile until your face splits open. Smile because you earned it with your wealth of Happy Points.

Let all that other negative stuff float away.