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Final Score: Cavs are cold in Miami, lose 106-92 to Heat

The Cavs looked disinterested. So did I.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Why didn't I save any cookies for tonight?

If I left now, could I get to the store and back before the 4th quarter starts?

ESPN classifies Tristan as a center? Heh. That's interesting.

I never use the lights in my ceiling fan. Have I ever? Do they work? The switch is all the way over there, I'll try another time.

Tonight's game left me asking all of the tough questions. The Cavs, on the final game of a 4 game road trip, looked about as interested in working today as I did. The Heat got out to a quick 15-5 lead, and it seemed pretty clear what we were in for from that moment. The Cavs were always a step or two behind, a function both of the superior effort the Heat were putting out and the Cavs' general indifference. With Kevin Love sitting, the Cavs struggled to create space and make shots. That wasn't a problem for the Heat. They created good looks, and even when they didn't, the shots went in anyway. They shot around 60% at the half.

For some reason, in the 4th quarter, LeBron stayed on the court with James Jones, Kendrick Perkins, Matthew Dellavedova, and Shawn Marion and the Cavs got within 12. The LeBron of the first three quarters was gone, and suddenly he was scoring machine. He finished with 26 points, and had 16 in the fourth. The Heat were led by 32 from Dwyane Wade, 20 points and 9 assists from Goran Dragic, and a 16 point 11 rebound double double from Hassan Whiteside. The Cavs also got 21 points from Kyrie Irving, but he shot an uncharacteristic 5-15.


- Do Heat players like Hassan Whiteside? He hit the deck plenty, and it seemed like nobody ever came to help him up. That's a weird thing to notice and is potentially meaningless, but I mean, it's weird right?

- This is probably obvious, but the Cavs spacing suffers when replacing Kevin Love with Tristan Thompson. It's an interesting predicament. You can't really play Mozgov and Thompson together, probably, against a lot of teams. Tristan is among the leagues best bigs at defending on switches and offensive rebounding, but he and Mozgov are mutually exclusive, I think. The 4th quarter decisions are interesting.

- This game was a throw away. Really. Now I know there is a portion of people that want to win every single game, and think anything other than maximum effort at all times is "pathetic, embarrassing or whatever", I get it. That isn't the reality of the Cavs situation. On a back to back at the end of a road trip against a desperate team it isn't really surprising to see them cash out on this one. It wasn't pleasant, but as long as they have good position on that two seed, and this painfully easy schedule, it's bound to happen. It's not really an indictment of anything or telling us much, I don't think. Some would probably argue otherwise.

The Cavs host the Nets on Wednesday. I imagine Brooklyn is in for a bad time. We'll see you then.