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Kevin Love on fun: "That's the type of team this is"

Kevin Love gets a lot of scrutiny. He had fun tonight

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Love's on court demeanor is amongst the most scrutinized in the NBA. The power forward has made multiple All-Star games and won Olympic gold, so it comes with the territory. He can be a free agent this summer, if he so chooses, but has said he plans on being a Cavalier beyond that. Even with his public pronouncements, people continue to wonder about how happy he is with Cleveland. Sure, he will go to the playoffs for the first time in his career next month, but is he happy giving up all the points and stats and plaudits? He didn't make the All-Star game this season.

After Friday night's win over the Pacers, Fear the Sword asked him how much fun he was having. Specifically, J.R. Smith had posted on Instagram that he was having as much fun playing basketball as he had in his whole career. Several of the pictures used by Smith involved Love. Love immediately pointed to the great play of Matthew Dellavedova and the fact that the whole team was behind him:

"I think you see it on the bench ... I'm not on social media too much so I didn't see the post ... but you know a perfect example is tonight ... when Delly got rolling, hit a few in a row ... kept us in the game, got us on a good run but we were out there having fun, cheering him on, and that's the type of team this is."

This won't quiet the concerns of many Cavs fans, nor will it change the national dialogue. But Love is a part of a good team that could be great, and seems to have guys that can give credit and also question teammates when things aren't perfect. At one point in the first half LeBron James faked a ball swing to Love on the perimeter. James kept it, and drained a three pointer. Love nodded his head and pointed at James. The right play was made, and the Cavs profited.

There's no inside information here, but Kevin Love had fun tonight.