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Kevin Love: "I plan on being a Cavalier either way"

Kevin Love did a radio tour, hitting up Dan Patrick and Mike and Mike

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Have you heard that Kevin Love can potentially be a free agent?

Did you know that his role has been discussed quite often?

You probably have, so it won't be of much shock to you that when Love went on Mike and Mike in the Morning, and the Dan Patrick Show earlier today, he was asked frequently about both issues.

There is a portion of me that abhors transcribing these, because for his part Love has given every indication that he will be returning, but it's a story that won't go away until he formally is signed, and I get that. Please observe a small bit of tongue-in-cheekiness to my insights.

You can find full audio of both here (Mike and Mike) and here (Dan Patrick Show).

From Mike & Mike, when asked about how he feels about his role on the team:

KL - "I feel good, especially as long as we're winning....It's been a lot of fun being a part of this Cavs organization."

Fun is a word that is mentioned a whole lot. You might recall that our David Zavac asked Love whether or not he was having fun just this past Friday. Everyone is worried about how much fun Kevin is having, and whether the amount of fun is sufficient to keep him in Cleveland long term. We've become funologists, tinkering away at different fun metrics and developing body language formulas to calculate the true fun % of Kevin Love's season. According to Kevin, he is having fun. He didn't cite which fun statistic he used in the calculation.

Both Mike's were curious about how Love saw sitting out a few fourth quarters:

KL -"A lot of the times, it's been matchups...I think it's on me to do what's best by the team, and just try to be a consummate professional."

Does he mean this? I don't have no idea, honestly. Nobody knows. Does he REALLY as a star not worry about sitting on the bench? Mike Greenberg had the same line of thought, and pressed him in that regard:

KL - "Just knowing that it's for the greater good. If we have a chance at the end of the year to hoist that Larry O'Brien trophy then it's all been worth it.... There's been times this season that I've fought it, but then seeing the end result, that kind of changes everything."

Winning cures everything has kind of been a theme. Love said basically the same thing in an ESPN interview some weeks ago. He likes winning, and winning is fun, ere go this season has been fun. Maybe?

The Instagram photos were next, Mike & Mike (somewhat satirically) wanted to know what the deal was with LeBron and Kevin, and why he wasn't in the pictures. When asked "How is your relationship with LeBron":

KL - "It's fine. You know, we're not best friends we're not hanging everyday, but we see each other every day....I think our relationship is also evolving...I'm sure he'll have me in the next picture, but we'll see"

I don't have a whole lot on this topic. It's an instagram picture. Come on.

The Dan Patrick show was next. I'm not going to bore you with a ton of similar answers to similar questions. There are two that stood out here:

Dan Patrick offered Love a Mulligan, and asked him if he'd do the same thing:

KL - "Same thing."

DP - "The Same way?"

KL -"Same Way."

The money quote. The quote you all came here for though, came when Love was asked if winning a title would increase or decrease his chances of staying in Cleveland:

KL -"I plan on being a Cavalier either way"

To this day, Love has only said the right things. We can only take those words at face value. I don't know, and nobody else really knows what he plans on doing. That said, winning is fun, and he seems to be having fun. After years of hearing that Minnesota's losing culture was wearing on him, and he just wanted to win, it's a little odd that we're now discussing that he isn't having fun winning because he isn't playing the exact way he wants to. I really do understand that viewpoint, I just personally don't buy it. Love is in Cleveland, where he plays with two superstars, and will be looking at making $30 million a year in two years. I just don't see anything taking him away from that.

There is always the chance I'm wrong though, because just like you or anybody else, I honestly have no idea what Kevin Love is thinking. I am planning on seeing him in Cleveland for quite some time though.