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Kevin Love leaves game with Sixers with "lower back issues"

Sunday's game might prove costly for the Cavs

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

After losing Iman Shumpert to an ankle injury in the first half, Kevin Love left Sunday's matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers with what Allie Clifton of Fox Sports Ohio described as "lower back issues".

He was on the court when he merely swatted away a pass from Kyrie Irving for Matthew Dellavedova to recover. He immediately walked himself off the court and into the Cavs' locker room.

This is less than ideal. A game with the struggling Philadelphia 76ers is going down to the wire, and Shumpert and Kevin Love are obviously huge parts of the Cavs' championship aspirations. Either one going down would be a tremendous blow.

The flip side is that Love has been dealing with his back all season, so it's something he's played through. The flip side to that is that the issues may not resolve themselves before the playoffs start. We will keep you updated.