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Fear The Sword Podcast Episode 22 - Winning Is Fun!

We're back up in this thing!

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Like LeBron James, we took a break in order to get our body and minds right. Now the podcast is back and better and ever!

On this edition of the Fear the Sword podcast, Ryan Mourton, William Bohl and myself discuss the team's play since the return of LeBron from his break, the fit of the new pieces, a potential playoff matchup with the Atlanta Hawks and share our thoughts on the MVP race.

Of course, the podcast wouldn't be complete without The Mark Price is right, featuring questions about Matthew Dellavedova, Kendrick Perkins and James Jones.

I hope you all enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it. If you don't want to listen, at least click the link to help inflate our egos. You can find all of the Fear the Sword podcasts on iTunes and Soundcloud and as always, you can tell us how horribly wrong we are in the comments below.