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Cavs vs. Suns advice and sign up for one-day Fantasy Basketball leagues

There are a bunch of good basketball tonight. Sign up at FanDuel to get your fantasy fix.

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The Cavs play the Suns tonight, on the second night of the back to back. If you are into fantasy basketball, particularly when it comes to one night leagues, that can introduce even more uncertainty into the mix. You just don't know exactly how healthy guys are or what you might be able to expect. I've been on a bit of a hot streak lately when it comes to playing FanDuel (no, I can't retire or anything), but I feel like my lineup tonight involves a few more gambles than usual.

First, let's look at the Cavs. Kevin Love has struggled in back to backs for most of the year, though he was great against the Raptors on Wednesday night. I'm leaving him out of my lineup because some guys that are a little cheaper have been productive lately. With Brian Shaw out of Denver, Kenneth Faried is getting more consistent run. He's been a solid performer lately. A little more of a gamble, but with a very cheap price, is Andrea Bargnani. Is he really bad? Basically yes. Is he pretty healthy and getting a lot of minutes? Yes. By default, he might be New York's most skilled offensive player.

Of course, if you want to spend at the power forward position, you might just want to go all the way and get Anthony Davis.

I saved my big bucks for LeBron James. He struggled last night in Atlanta, and will probably want to make up for it against the Suns. Maybe he won't, but I'll bet on LeBron and feel good about it.

At point guard, Mike Conley and George Hill are working back from injuries and rounding back into form. I'm going to roll with them tonight. They aren't as expensive as guards like Kyrie Irving or John Wall, but both get a lot of minutes. We will see if it works out. Good luck.

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