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Cleveland Cavaliers top five stories of the week

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The Cavs won the Central division. What else happened this week?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

51 wins and counting. A Central division championship. The East's second seed secured.

The Cavs have had a pretty great season. We've had a pretty good week at Fear the Sword. With the season winding down, the Cavs are working on rounding into form but also just staying healthy. I'm not sure what we can take from these season-ending games at this point. While we wait on the playoffs though, there's been solid content coming. Here are your top Cavs five stories of the week*:

1) I wrote about the Cavs improved defense, and wondered if it will be good enough for the Cavs to win a title.

2) Chris kicked off our series on awards we think the Cavs should win or be considered for. He took a look at what general manager David Griffin has been able to pull off, and concludes he should win Executive of the Year.

3) Trevor ranked the potential Eastern Conference playoff teams ... in the order in which he fears them. It's great analysis of what team's in the East might be dangerous for the Cavs, and it also has some gifs that sort of scare me.

4) I did a very blogger thing, took one sentence from a post from Zach Lowe on Ed Davis and wrote 1400 words (respectfully) disagreeing (sort of) with its premise. Why might Tristan Thompson make twice as much as money as Ed Davis? I tried to answer here.

5) William looked at the three things that might keep the Cavs from winning the whole damn thing. Can't wait to see how it works out.

*I'm on Spring Break, so it's a little heavy on me this week. Apologies.