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Final Score: Cavs get overtime win over Wizards, 113-108

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I mean, it kind of resembled basketball

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
The Cleveland Cavaliers took on the Washington Wizards in a game that meant nothing for either team. But it was fan appreciation night, so Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love went through the motions while the Wizards sat John Wall and Bradley Beal.

Both teams played as though they didn't want to get hurt and just were looking to get through the games alive. Kyrie Irving showed no ill-effects of his nagging hip injury, while Kevin Love decided to beat up the Wizards with 19 points in his 18 first half minutes. Neither player played in the second half, because there really was clearly no reason left for them to play. LeBron James did not play tonight in order to rest up for playoffs.

Iman Shumpert had a great game for the Cavs with big minutes, Kendrick Perkins did not capitalize on his big minutes.

Outside of that, it was a basketball game that went longer than it should have. Matthew Dellavedova's game winning attempt in regulation came up short and the Cavs gifted their fans with free basketball that very few wanted. The overtime period did give us one magnificent gift: BRENDAN HAYWOOD GAME WINNING BASKETS! Ultimately there were a few free throws that clinched it, but I like giving all the credit to Haywood. The Cavs came away with a 113-108 win. In lieu of actual analysis, here are some playoff drink/ food recommendations:

Tasty treat suggestions for playoffs:

  • I would be betraying my Canadian heritage if I didn't recommend a steaming pile of poutine. Give a shoutout to Tristan Thompson by enjoying freedom fries french fries, cheese curds and gravy. It's the most American thing to not come from America. Throw in some pulled pork, jalapenos or whatever else you want and you're ready to go into a food coma.
  • Give some love to the man in the middle by drinking white Russians. Mozzy would appreciate if you filled your glass with vodka, kahlua and cream/milk on the rocks. You can't go wrong.
  • Nachos are always a good go-to. Versatile, easy to share and customize. Get a posse together and fire up some 'chos.
  • The Cavs have made me very happy this season. Know what else does? A smiling Gerry. A smiling Gerry is a rye (whiskey) and coke plus a vodka orange juice. First add an ounce of whiskey, then coke, then an ounce of vodka and top it off with orange juice. It looks like swamp water, it has no business being good... But it's delicious.
  • For a semi healthy alternative, make some spicy asparagus. Get thin slices of calabrese salami, spread cream cheese on the salami with your thumb and then wrap the asparagus with the salami at an angle to help cover more of it. A quick 15 min in the oven at 425 will do the trick. It's fantastic.
  • Jalapeno poppers. Fire one back for every J.R. Smith made three.
  • Delly shrimp platter. It's a regular frozen shrimp platter, but you have to run around the room one time before you can have one. Respect the hustle.
  • Tacos rule. I don't know if I need to say more than that.
Anyways, thank you all for making the regular season so awesome. Cavs play the Boston Celtics Sunday!