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Cleveland Cavaliers top five stories of the week

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Top five stories of the week, NBA awards edition

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

53 wins. The second seed in the Eastern Conference. Two players with great chances to make an All-NBA team. An MVP candidate. A Sixth Man of Year candidate. The favorite for Executive of the Year. A fringe Coach of the Year candidate.

It was a great season, and it isn't over. We are trying to recap the regular season that was while getting you ready for Boston and beyond. Here are the top five stories of the Cavs' week.

1) Mike made a great case for LeBron James to be the NBA's Most Valuable Player.

He took the issue of LeBron taking some time off head on:

But anybody who watched LeBron early in the season could see that he was very possibly hurt. He may well have been dealing with an injury or combination of injuries that we'll never know the full extent of. If the team had simply said he had a knee injury or a back injury and he was going to miss time, the narrative about those two weeks would have been completely different.

Either way, carrying a team is hard. It wore LeBron down. He sat out for two weeks. Then he came back, and played at an incredibly high level while turning the Cavs into a great team.

Even with all of that missed time, he only played 120 fewer total minutes than Curry this season.

2) William analyzed three things that will decide whether or not the Cavs win a championship this season. Could iso-ball or Kevin Love's back derail the Cavs' attempt to bring Cleveland it's first major championship since 1964?

3) Trevor kept an eye on the draft, taking a deep look at Tyus Jones of Duke. Is he a good fit for the Cavs?

4) I took a look at David Blatt's candidacy for NBA's Coach of the Year. His work is under appreciated, but I still don't think I would vote for him.

5) Finally, Justin examined Tristan Thompson's case for Sixth Man of they Year. It was a crucial year for Thompson, and he came through. Will he, or Timo Mozgov, be good enough for the Cavs in the middle over the next 50 days?