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Cavs threads open thread: What Cavs gear are you rocking today?

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We all celebrate the wine and gold being in the playoffs in our own way. How do you show your colors?

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It's game day for the wine and gold. The Cleveland Cavaliers are back in the playoffs for the first time since 2010 and I am beyond excited. While the players get ready to perform at a high level, I'm busy stretching out my fingers, queuing up Photoshop, fine-tuning my Twitter follows and most importantly, deciding on my game day gear.

When you are a jersey addict like myself, the choice is not a simple one. There's the home throwback Boobie Gibson jersey if I want to go the nostalgic route. The LeBron James blue that he wore against Detroit back in 2007 when he decided to drop one of the best individual playoff performances in NBA history. Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love and J.R. Smith also are great options.

For me, I'm going with my Kyrie Irving navy jersey. Everything that's come to the Cavs organization has been made possible by the presence of Kyrie in my eyes. I'm expecting him to make his mark on the league this postseason and that's why I rep him today.

Do you have any game day traditions? What gear will you be rocking at game time. Share them below! We'd love to hear your stories and pictures (AS LONG AS THEY ARE APPROPRIATE) would also be awesome. If you tweet a picture of yourself, your gear, or both, at the @fearthesword account, we can embed them in the comments for you. Or you can do it on your own.