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Cleveland Cavaliers top five stories of the week

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Jumping into the best Cavs coverage of the week

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

With all the excitement that comes with the Cavs first trip to the playoffs in a few years, it's easy to miss great Cavs coverage that slips through the cracks. While our first couple iterations of this post have been filled with Fear the Sword posts, I've heard the will of the people and opened it up to work found outside the site.

I've said it a few times but it bears repeating: a nice benefit of the Cavs' relevance has been a few new writers covering the team that have been great. It does make sense that we would link to their stuff, though I don't want to step on the toes of Michael's links posts too much. Either way, here are your top five stories of the Cavs' week.

1) Chris Haynes of spoke to Kyrie Irving about the impact Irving's late mother has had on his life. This is a must-read.

2) Dave McMenamin of wrote about Cleveland's Big Three of LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving coming through in the series-opening win.

3) Ryan's Courtside Tweets recap of the Cavs' game two win was fun, even if he made fun of me.

4) FTS rookie Joe Mastrantoni mused on Kevin Love's fit on the Cavs and his first trip to the playoffs.

5) Finally, NBC has a write-up of LeBron giving coach David Blatt a strong vote of confidence. We seem to have come a long way.