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LeBron compares Love's Cleveland situation to that of Chris Bosh in Miami

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports featured some thoughts of LeBron James on Kevin Love after the Cleveland Cavaliers Game 3 win over the Boston Celtics. LeBron sees some similarities between Love's journey in Cleveland and what Chris Bosh dealt with when LeBron was in Miami:

For a team that finally gets together, when you have a Big Three, they got to find something," James said. "When I was in Miami, Chris Bosh was that guy at one point. So, I know why. I've seen it before, and when you've been in the position when you've had your own team and now you come and join forces. ... They started pointing fingers at anybody. They got to find somebody. And Kevin was the guy that they tried to find and tried to tear him down.

"The one thing about him, he's always stayed positive, I've always believed in him. I don't really get too involved in what everybody says. I know what type of player he is, what type of competitor he is, and I know he relishes this opportunity to be part of this franchise and be a part of the postseason. So, with everything said with the first eight months of the season, he's definitely used that as motivation, I believe. I think he's a big-time player. He's a very cerebral basketball player, and in order for us to be the team that we want to be long term, Kevin is going to be Kevin. Which he was tonight.

Things worked out pretty well during LBJ's time in Miami, I'd say.