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NBA Playoffs: J.R. Smith suspended for first two games of second round

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The Cavs will be without the services of J.R. Smith to start the playoffs

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers' win over the Boston Celtics in game four Sunday afternoon gets costlier by the minute. After the Cavs announced that Kevin Love will not be available for the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, the NBA has rendered judgment on J.R. Smith for an errant to swing on Jae Crowder while boxing out.

Smith will miss two games.

With Smith and Kevin Love missing, the Cavs are losing 13 three point attempts and 39% shooting on said attempts  per game. That's a lot. Mike Miller and James Jones will likely be asked to fill the shooting void, though Iman Shumpert becomes more important as well.

While it was probably important to show Kevin Love that the team had his back after Kelly Olynyk's actions led to torn ligaments and a dislocated shoulder, there is no way that the Cavs wanted to be without Smith for multiple games. Seriously shorthanded, the Cavs will rely on Kyrie Irving and LeBron James ever more.