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David Griffin says it's "highly unlikely" Kevin Love returns this postseason

Cavs GM David Griffin has given an update on Kevin Love and it's not promising.

Yesterday, it was announced that Cavaliers forward Kevin Love was ruled out for Cleveland's second round series. Now it appears that Love will be out much longer than the second round.

In speaking with the media today, Cavs GM David Griffin said that it is 'high unlikely' that Love will return at any point during the postseason. Griffin also noted that the damage to Love's shoulder is extensive and that surgery is an option for Love.

Griffin also noted that he felt Kelly Olynyk's play on Love was "unnatural" and that Anderson Varejao will not return at any point in the playoffs from his Achilles tear to give the Cavs an extra body on the bench. He also said that he told J.R. Smith he didn't have to apologize to anyone for striking Jae Crowder's face in Game 4.

On top of Girffin's comments, Howard Beck of Bleacher Report is reporting that Love's labrum tore away from the bone and it will need a minimum of 4-6 weeks to heal. If his shoulder did not heal on that timeline, surgery would then become a possibility.