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Cleveland Cavaliers top five stories of the week

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Getting you caught up on a week of rest for the Cavs

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13 days. That's what is left of the 2014-15 regular season. The Cavs have clinched a playoff spot, of course, and are trying to secure the second seed of the Eastern Conference. The team has played just one time since Sunday afternoon, and hopefully the team is ready to gear up for what we all hope is a long trek through the Eastern Conference that reaches into June.

That doesn't mean the week wasn't full of storylines and solid writing though. Here are your top five Cavs stories of the week.

1) Ryan lamented injuries suffered by Kevin Love and Iman Shumpert in a more-difficult-than-expected win over the Sixers on Sunday afternoon, wishing that the end of the season would just get here already. Love ultimately missed Thursday night's game with the Heat.

2) William wrote that for whatever value he has provided off the court for the Cavs, Kendrick Perkins has yet to be a positive influence on it.

3) William wasn't done, breaking down the Eastern Conference. The Nets may be playing well, but the Cavs had the top spot in his power rankings.

4) David Blatt was named the Eastern Conference coach of the month. It was the first time the rookie NBA head coach has won the award.

5) And finally, I broke down why I think John Wall is better than Kyrie Irving. I was kidding, that's ridiculous.