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Final Score: Cleveland Cavaliers take another step toward the East's second seed with 99-94 win over Chicago Bulls

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With five games left in the season, the Cavs are now four games up on the Bulls for the lead in the Central Division, and second place in the Eastern Conference.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers used some hot shooting this afternoon to get their 50th win of the season, as they beat the Chicago Bulls 99-94 on Easter Sunday. The Cavs shot 16-of-37 from three-point range; at one point, they were 13-of-24, but they kind of cooled off down the stretch. The Bulls hung around valiantly, and were able to come back and make things interesting in the fourth quarter, but in the end they just didn't have enough.

How good was the Cavs' shooting early on? They didn't even miss this one:

Kyrie Irving finished the game 4-of-5 on threes and had 27 points, five rebounds, and four assists.

J.R. Smith was red hot for a bit, finishing 8-of-17 from three-point range for 24 points. He actually didn't attempt a single two-point shot or free throw all afternoon.

LeBron James got his first triple-double of the season, finishing with 20 points, 12 assists, and 10 rebounds. You may recall that he appeared to have one back in November, but the NBA took it away.

This game was clearly an important one to the Cavs, and David Blatt really shortened up his bench. Only eight players saw action, and all of the starters played at least 31 minutes.

The win, which was the Cavs' 18th in row at home, put them four games ahead of the Bulls with just five games left to play. They should be able to get their guys a little bit of rest down the stretch.

They'll get a couple of days off before playing in Milwaukee on Wednesday night.