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Fear The Sword Podcast Episode 24 - No Bull

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Some of FTS' finest talk all things Cavaliers.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

After some technical difficulties Monday night, we got back on the horse and recorded another podcast.

On this episode of the FTS pod, Trevor, Ryan and myself discuss the last game against the Chicago Bulls. As well as some reflections on what a playoff series against the Bulls may entail. We of course threw in some shade directed to the Bulls, because we are who we are.

Other topics that are covered include LeBron James playing more at the four and what impact that might have on Kevin Love and the rest of the team; as well as a look ahead to potential first round matchups and teams we would rather avoid.

If you're holding your breath for another game of the Mark Price is right, you'll need to wait a bit longer. The two person version of the game is an easy win for Ryan when Trevor is the other party and nobody enjoys a Mourt win.

You can listen to the pod here:

Be sure to leave any comments/ feedback/ things you wish to have discussed on future pods in the comments below. Enjoy!