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Buddy Ball Notes: Random thoughts after Kevin Love

Love is gone, so yeah... we're going to talk about it more.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

It's been a real "Clevelandy" few weeks. I have some thoughts about that.

  • I was planning on doing a post after every round where I take select pictures of Kevin Love from the series and give him a body language grade. I know. I'm terribly inventive. Unfortunately, Love's injury made that seem both depressing and not in good taste.
  • If the injury hadn't happened, though, I was going to give Love an exemplary grade for his body language in the first round. It was fantastic. He seemed happier in Cleveland over that week than he had at any point in the regular season. That's the thing. With Love, everyone talked about the regular season this. The regular season that. I don't and never did care about how he felt during the regular season. I cared about how he felt being in the playoffs the first time, and he seemed into it.
  • I don't know what Love's injury might mean for his free agency. He's going to get the same offers he would have had otherwise. The only thing Cleveland has going for it is the ability to offer a longer contract with more money on the back end, which may be appealing to Love as a security measure. But it probably doesn't matter. I'm just guessing here, but I'd imagine he's going to do whatever he was going to do anyway.
  • I guess the thing the Cavs could have going for them is if they have gotten in his good graces over this injury thing. Hopefully they were super cool and supportive to him. Really making him feel like he belongs.
  • I said in our recent round table, I have no idea what to expect out of the Cavs/Bulls series. Tell me the Cavs win in four, and I believe it. Cavs in seven, I believe that, too. Bulls in four? Yeah, I believe that. I would believe anything, and it's because I have no idea what the mental state of this team will be. The Cavs still have more talent than the Bulls. That's what happens when your team has the two best players in the series and underrated wing depth (errr... when J.R. Smith isn't suspended). But if the Cavs already decided they aren't going to fight, the Bulls will beat them. If that happens, the Bulls will destroy them. Anything is in play.
  • But David Zavac was right when he wrote that the Cavs can still win the title this year. A lot would have to break their way, but it's possible. Kyrie Irving and LeBron James would have to be otherworldly, but it's possible. Most of all, it's going to take both creativity from Coach David Blatt and the players absolutely trusting him and doing as he says. So he has to have a genius plan, and the players have to execute it. He has to coach better than he's coached thus far.
  • Maybe they're screwed and maybe they're not, but this team should still be a lot of fun to watch. Remember, Happy Points.
  • My wife and I have a playoff prediction contest. You get two points for predicting the correct winner of a series. Three points for the winner and the correct amount of games. She guessed Cavs in six. I guessed Cavs in seven. We'll see who is right.
Leave your own random thoughts in the comments. I'll try to do these more often as long as the Cavs are in the playoffs.