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Joe Harris Doesn't Win Rookie of the Year

Some other guy wins it instead.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA announced Rookie of the Year yesterday, and it was not Cavs rookie Joe Harris. In fact, Harris did not receive a single first, second or third place vote for the award.

After a promising start to the NBA season where it looked inevitable that Harris would start, the rookie dropped off late, only appearing in a handful of games in the final month of the season. This is despite having a higher TS% than ROY winner Andrew Wiggins. But, hey, opportunity means everything. Wiggins appeared in 82 games and had a usage rate of 22.6%. Harris only appeared in 51 games with a usage rate of 14.1%.

This news is a little shocking to me. The Cavs had the first overall pick in the draft, so only knowing that one piece of information and not looking at any other facts at all, I would think they would have the best shot at Rookie of the Year. Or at least have a player who would receive any votes for the award. Instead, this is the second year in a row where the Cavs had the first overall pick yet none of their rookies received any votes for the award.

Furthermore, the Cavs had a far better record than the Timberwolves (ROY Wiggins' team). I assumed the ROY works sort of like the MVP award where record matters, but I guess not. This is just like the 2003-04 season where Carmelo Anthony led the Nuggets to the playoffs in his rookie year yet lost the award to some other guy who didn't make the playoffs at all.

It seems like the Cavs can't catch any breaks with this latest news. But hey, maybe Harris will win this award next year. Not to talk trash or throw any gauntlets down, but I would bet my life savings Wiggins won't win it two years in a row.