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Cleveland Cavaliers top five stories of the week

A sad entry into our series

Just a week ago all was well in the Cavs universe. And it will be well once again. It's been a rough week, though. With the news of Kevin Love's injury, and then, surgery, it's now clear that the Cavs' Big 3 will be no more for this season.

1) First, the release from the Cavs with the announcement that Love underwent successful surgery:

2) Chris Haynes of took a look at where Kevin Love was at mentally before his injury. Things had been looking up, and Love was performing well in the playoffs.

3) Dave McMenamin took a look at three players David Blatt has said he will rely on against the Bulls with J.R. Smith and Kevin Love missing time: Shawn Marion, Kendrick Perkins, and Mike Miller.

4) Our own William Bohl lamented Love's injury, pointing out that adversity and hard work is not anything new for the star power forward:

He's a divisive player for reasons within and outside of his control - he didn't always handle things perfectly in Minnesota - but what cannot be denied is his effort to make himself better. His physical transformation alone is staggering; not only did he drop the weight, he's kept it off. He could've been content to live as a full-figured rebounder but opted instead for the more difficult path, adopting the outside shot while remaining tough enough to play effectively in the post. And while the critical retort may be that doing such things is "his job," there's a multitude of players who settle into a groove early in their careers and never push past it. Love has always pushed himself.

5) And finally, I wrote that the Cavs can still win this thing. No expectations, just fun. Let's beat the Bulls.