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David Griffin finishes second to Bob Myers for NBA Executive of the Year

Many thought the Cavs' General Manager would get this award. But he didn't.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Despite having a pretty good summer, David Griffin was not named the NBA's Executive of the Year. All he did during the offseason was lure Mike Miller, James Jones, and Shawn Marion to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Oh, and he swung a blockbuster trade, acquiring All-Star Kevin Love in exchange for number one overall draft pick Andrew Wiggins. Also, he convinced LeBron James to come home. No big deal.

Obviously Griffin doesn't deserve all of the credit for the fact that LeBron was born in Akron and apparently missed having to shovel snow in the winter, or the fact that a lot of other players want to play with him. Still though, he was the General Manager who oversaw all of it. The cap space needed for those moves didn't just appear out of thin air.

Under the radar, he also made a savvy move to bring in Brendan Haywood's contract, which is worth $10 million in non-guaranteed money next season.

Most importantly, when things weren't going well for the Cavs early in the season, Griffin came to the rescue. Over a span of two trades in January, he turned Dion Waiters, Lou Amundson, Alex Kirk, a second round pick, and an extra first round pick from Memphis into Timofey Mozgov, J.R. Smith, and Iman Shumpert. And the Cavs became title contenders because of it.

But, that wasn't enough. Today, Bob Myers of the Golden State Warriors was named the NBA's Executive of the Year. The Warriors didn't make a lot of personnel moves over the last year, but they did swap head coaches, and that seemed to make quite a difference for them.

Myers received 13 first-place votes to Griffin's eight. You can see the full vote breakdown via Yahoo's Kelly Dwyer here.