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NBA Lottery and Western Conference Finals open thread

Come hang out

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA lottery is tonight. The Western Conference Playoffs start tonight. The Cavs don't care about the lottery, but might see the West champion in 15 days. Someone tells me this a year ago, say, now, and I tell them that they are insane.

And yet here we are.

Come discuss the lottery shenanigans, NBA draft, Hawks-Cavs, Warriors-Rockets, your rough day at work, whatever. It's an open thread. If you want lottery coverage make sure you check out,, or any of our SB Nation blogs with a huge stake in the lottery.

Things I'm rooting for: The Pistons to jump up. They have the same odds they had last year, when the Cavs jumped all the way to the top and denied the Pistons their pick. It went to Charlotte. And while I usually don't wish ill on any team, it'd be kinda funny to see the Lakers lose their pick if it isn't in the top five.

See you in the comments.