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NBA Playoffs 2015: Breaking down the Eastern Conference Finals with Peachtree Hoops

We get help from our enemy blog to learn about the Hawks

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With the Eastern Conference Finals finally upon us, Fear the Sword teamed up with Peachtree Hoops to take a closer look at the matchup between the Cavs and Hawks. Thanks to Daniel Christian for setting it up and good perspective on Atlanta. We get a decent discussion on the Cavs offense without Kevin Love, and reasons the Hawks just haven't been hitting as many threes.

Turns out, there might not be a reason that involves anything having actually changed. Both of us struggle to predict what will happen in the series so hey, who needs experts anyway? Also, it's worth noting that Peachtree Hoops approached me to do this like three times and I was totally squirrel-y about getting back to them over a busy weekend, so I give them my thanks in being persistent. These posts are always fun and helpful so I'm glad we got it done. Go Cavs.