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Putting the feelers out on a possible Fear the Sword t-shirt

You read our stuff sometimes. Would you wear one of our shirts?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

I like to think we have a pretty good community here. A good, diverse group of commenters with many, many lurkers and silent readers. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, we appreciate having you. Other blogs, from Waiting for Next Year down the line, have had some success with putting together their own t-shirts. We've organized a night watching the Cavs at the Q, but never any real clothing line.

I'd like that to change. Pound the Rock, SB Nation's Spurs blog, put together these awesome shirts after they won the title last year. We could go with something kind of similar, with a Cavs focus, or it could be more explicitly Fear the Sword related, with our logo or some kind of block format.

So I have two major questions, really. Would you buy a Fear the Sword t-shirt, priced somewhere between $20-25? We would be talking about a higher quality, not something you wear out in six months. And if you would, what kind of concepts or ideas would you want on it?