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Show off your Cavs pride with the Fear the Sword signature t-shirt

After a lot of talk about a t-shirt for Fear the Sword, we've finally put it together

Fear the Sword has done a lot of growing up over the last five years. In some ways, we mean this literally; I'm pretty sure Conrad was 11 years old when he took over the site. In other ways, we've seen writers come and go and advance and fall in and out of love with the Cavs and find real jobs and do all kinds of crazy stuff. It's not just the writers, either. Commenters and readers come and go, but we always add new and fun members of the community that find the right ways to drive us nuts and challenge us and keep us up to date on what Cavs fans are thinking.

Underlying all of it has been expanded readership. It's a bigger community now. We should have our our own t-shirts. Anytime I mention Fear the Sword to people when I'm in Cleveland I will get a "Oh yeah, I've seen your guys' stuff." And it's great. We worked together with the guys from BreakingT to give us our first, and signature, Fear the Sword t-shirt.

fts 2

These shirts are super-soft. We all know the difference between a quality t-shirt and something that gets stiff and fades after a few trips through the washer and dryer. I feel fairly confident that you'll be happy with these. They come in a bunch of different sizes. $22, so you aren't breaking the bank. If you're between the two sizes, we recommend getting the larger of the two. Shipping is USPS priority, which usually takes two days. You can have yours by the NBA Finals.

We love having you read our stuff, and we'd love to have you rep the Wine & Gold by getting our shirt. Let us know what you think. Click here for yours.