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Where are you going to watch the NBA Finals? Coordinate out of town plans here

Not everyone lives in Cleveland. See if you can coordinate watching the Finals here

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

I'll start by saying I'm not 100% sure this is going to work, but there's no harm in trying. One of the hardest things about following the Cavs when you don't live in or around the Cleveland area is the lack of people around to obsess and commiserate with. I'm just two hours away in Toledo and understand this. If you live in Texas, I imagine it's even more difficult.

That's part of the reason why places like this exist in the first place. You can come here, talk Cavs, and have our own online community. Instead of watching games *with* people, we watch them together online. But for the NBA Finals, you might want to get out and hang out with another Cavs fan, or multiple Cavs fans. I think we can use this comment thread to organize stuff. Looking for a group in Columbus or Cincinnati? Try and coordinate that here. The Bay area? Anywhere, really.

I know we have readers from all over the country, but of course not everyone comments. But if you know a place that you like to watch games, maybe just say that's where you'll be. I'll leave this thread just under the top section through the end of the Finals so it doesn't fall too far down the page. Let's see if it works.