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Cleveland Cavaliers top 5 stories of the week, featuring LeBron James and a trip to the Finals

Our weekly installment continues

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavs are on their way to the NBA Finals for just the second time in their franchise's history. That is, as you may have guessed, the top story of the Cavs' week.

There is no lottery speculation, their isn't much draft speculation. There is a good amount of free agency talk, but that should be on the backburner. The Cavs stand just four games away from an NBA championship. That takes precedence. That's why we come to websites like this in the first place. Here was the top coverage.

1) Dave McMenamin of wrote about the team coming together at the right moment, forging a new defensive identity.

2) Mike Mayer wrote about LeBron James, and this being the promise of his return nearly fulfilled.

3) Chris Haynes of talked to Dan Gilbert after the team's Eastern Conference championship. A hearty endorsement of David Blatt is on the menu:

In an exclusive interview with Northeast Ohio Media Group, Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert said firing Blatt was never considered, and added that his confidence in his coach never wavered.

"It really didn't," Gilbert told NEOMG. "I don't care what the expectations were, especially after we changed coaches twice in two years. This was a guy with a long-term record of success. You have to at least give a season, maybe more than just one. I think it would have destabilized the entire franchise and it would have been bad."

On the court, Blatt's fortunes would change.

4) Trevor Magnotti provided a great breakdown of just how hard it will be for the Cavs to slow down their next opponent, the Golden State Warriors.

5) And why not wrap it up with Jason Lloyd's Final Thoughts column after the Cavs clinched the East. These are always well done. Here's to being happy we will get at least four more.