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Kevin Love says he expects to be stay in Cleveland, be ready for regular season opener

Kevin Love continues to say he is staying in Cleveland

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Love, during todays media availability was asked about his health, and yet again, his future plans.

Why, yes, yet another assertion that he will be here next season. Now, there is always a chance that doesn't happen, but it would be odd for him to go on and on all season saying nothing but that he will be playing in Cleveland and then go against that. Generally we've seen guys hedging, being cryptic, or being vague, but this isn't it.

Still, if you're into being miserable, or if you are working up ways for Love to leave the best player on the planet, Kyrie Irving, and a team in the Finals to play with Kobe Bryant or Isaiah Thomas ... well, you're in luck! His situation won't resolve for about a month and a half, so you do you. I too think that if Love were frustrated by his role and interaction with LeBron James, going to play with Kobe Bryant would be a GREAT idea.

Love also mentioned that he has lost about 15 pounds post surgery, which probably won't matter, or last, even.

We will have more Finals coverage, Kevin Love coverage, or maybe just stories about dogs coming soon. The Finals start in 4 days.