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LeBron James considering a change of mindset without Kevin Love

LeBron puts it on himself to be more aggressive with the Cavs shorthanded

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers were missing forty percent of their starting lineup Monday night against the Chicago Bulls. But at some points, it felt they were missing sixty percent. While the stat line of LeBron James would land most players on the podium post-game, his inconsistent effort and focus burdened the Cavs throughout the night.

On Tuesday LeBron hinted towards upping his aggression levels with Kevin Love outside of the lineup:

"I think I may have to change my mindset a little bit obviously with Kev being out," James said. "It’s something we all haven’t been accustomed to this year with him being out for an extensive period or another of the Big Three being out for a long period of time since I had my injuries. It might be a different mindset for myself and Kyrie (Irving)."

"I’ve never went into a game saying, ‘OK I’m going to be ultra aggressive,’" James said. "I’ve always had to feel out things, but last night it was a little bit too much feel out. I only had two shots at one point. I was just not as aggressive offensively as I was defensively. We’ll see."

The mind of LeBron James is one of the strangest things in sports. He's the best player on the planet, but can be prone to weird mental lapses. On the plus side, he recognizes that he needs to be better. I'm not even going to attempt to analyze why that wasn't his thought process before game one.