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NBA Playoffs: Tristan Thompson to start Game 2 vs. Chicago Bulls

The Cavs will start Tristan Thompson in Game 2.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

After starting Mike Miller in Game 1, Cavs coach David Blatt has has elected to start Tristan Thompson at power forward in Game 2 next to Timofey Mozgov in an effort to go big. This slides LeBron James back to small forward and Iman Shumpert to shooting guard.

Thompson will be tasked with slowing down Pau Gasol. Gasol torched the Cavs in game one, particularly in the pick and pop game with Derrick Rose. Thompson's defensive versatility and ability to switch onto smaller players makes him a good defender in the pick and roll, but hopefully Blatt will have also made an adjustment to how they defend the pick and pop along with his change to the starting lineup. As it was fairly clear that the team did not know what they needed to do to stop it.