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Cleveland Cavaliers top five stories of the week

Are things starting to look up for the Cavs?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavs have had a lot downtime in the last 10 days or so. After sweeping the Celtics, they had to internalize and then move forward from the loss of Kevin Love (perhaps forever) and J.R. Smith (for two games). The early results are mixed. The team looked fantastic in Game two's win over the Bulls. They were less inspiring in a Game one loss.

The Cavs coverage has gone on, of course. Here are your top five stories of the week.

1) Alright so the first one isn't exactly Cavs related. Bill Simmons is parting ways with ESPN. Regardless of what you think of Simmons, he's been a great advocate for the NBA. When I was in college and really diving headfirst into the league, his stuff was a must-read. His Hoosiers live-diary and Allen Iverson appreciation articles remain two of my favorite things ever written.

I don't read a ton of his stuff anymore, but Grantland is the home of great NBA writing. I hope it stays that way.


And this will always be hilarious. Every Cavs fan should know what this is about.

2) Dave McMenamin of took a deep look at Tristan Thompson. He talks to people very closely to Thompson, including his mother. He also reports on something I didn't realize: Thompson was kicked off his first American high school basketball team after a tough loss to - wait for it - Kyrie Irving's high school team. Read the whole thing because it's a really well done piece.

3) Dan Armelli of More than a Fan Cleveland broke down the Cavs win over the Bulls.

4) Our own Trevor Magnotti broke down Jarell Martin's game. With Kevin Love injured I do find myself thinking about the draft a bit more often than I had before.

5) And because we all love Tristan Thompson, here's an interview he did with Basketball Insiders' Jessica Camerato. While Thompson will never be Dennis Rodman, in a lot of different ways, it's a great guy for him to try and model.