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NBA Finals: Steph Curry still has confidence in Draymond Green: "When it clicks, it's going to be fun to watch"

Draymond Green has struggled thus far in the NBA Finals, but Steph Curry has kept the faith

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green may be looking at a max contract this summer. He's been the Golden State Warrior's Swiss Army knife all seasons, a veritable jack-of-all-trades. He's been everywhere, and he's been very good. As a versatile defender, as a shooter, as a facilitating point forward.

Through three games of the NBA Finals, it's been rough for him. The Warriors were more effective for big stretches of Game 3 with David Lee on the floor, who Green replaced in the starting lineup this season. Behind the MVP, Stephen Curry, the feeling has been that Green was the second most important Warrior. Curry hasn't lost faith in Green, though, and there's a lot of series left.

Fear the Sword asked Curry what he can do to help Green get on track:

"Good thing about him is he's low maintenance in that category. He never is out of it. Whether he's making shots or not, he might get frustrated, but he's always going to stay confident and shooting. When it clicks, it's going to be fun to watch, and I expect him to be ready to go for Game 4. Never really have to worry about him. He likes a little trash talk at him, and maybe I'll throw some in practice tomorrow. He definitely responds to that well.

I expect him to play well, and give us some offensive punch in Game 4 and be himself."

The Warriors will need it.