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NBA Finals: LeBron James after Game 5 loss: "I feel confident because I'm the best player in the world"

The Cavs are against the wall, but LeBron James isn't conceding anything

Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's loss to the Golden State Warriors felt like a bit of a backbreaker. The Cavs, on thin ice, are now down 3-2 in the best of seven series. They are hurt, lack depth, lack scoring. They have LeBron James. And though the odds are long, James isn't ready to call it a series.

After Game 5, he explained why the series isn't quite over:

"I feel confident because I'm the best player in the world. It's that simple."

No one has ever accused LeBron James of lacking confidence, but this goes a step further than what we've seen. He's talked about having extra motivation in this series, and he's averaging numbers that defy logic. He's been incredible. Whether or not he can pull this off the Cavs, well, we will find out. The odds are long, but the Cavs do get to play at home for Game 6 on Tuesday night.

James has upped the stakes on himself, just a bit. We will see.